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BioMin® Toothpaste

Armour For Teeth

BioMin is a remineralising toothpaste for all the family to help prevent tooth decay and ease the pain of sensitive teeth. It is a unique UK innovation and is not just another toothpaste!

BioMin is also changing the way dental professionals think about oral hygiene and fluoride protection!



BioMin® Toothpaste is a New Innovation To Fight Tooth Decay, Combat Sensitivity and Replace Lost Minerals

BioMin F is a remineralising toothpaste containing tiny 'bioglass' particles that bond to teeth and slowly releases calcium, phosphate and a low, optimum level of fluoride to protect them against acid attack, such as when eating & drinking sugary foods. The level of protection increases as you eat and drink and continues for up to a 12 hours after brushing to help teeth form their own natural layer of 'Armour' and further protect them. No other toothpaste does this!

Did You Know? 
Regular toothpastes are therapeutically ineffective against acid attack within approx. 90 minutes from brushing! So, by the time you or your child has a mid-morning break, their teeth are no longer protected and will be exposed to acidic erosion until they next brush their teeth, usually at bedtime!

BioMin Facts

  • Contains smaller, softer particles so is less gritty and abrasive on the enamel than other toothpaste.
  • Does NOT contain bio-plastics.
  • Has NOT been tested on animals and does NOT contain animal products, so is Vegan and Halal.

Fight Tooth Decay!

When brushing twice a day, BioMinF is the only toothpaste providing round the clock low-level fluoride protection against tooth decay.
It's a smart toothpaste too and increases its level of protection as you eat and drink. This constant re-balancing of acidic levels within the mouth is essential to properly protecting your teeth. 


IMPORTANT FACTS - Teeth only require low levels of fluoride to be effective, so BioMinF contains 60% less fluoride than regular toothpastes! Crucially, this is slowly released over a long period of time which again makes BioMin™ F unique!


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Combat Tooth Sensitivity!

The fine particles within BioMin F slowly dissolve to form a tooth-like mineral, called fluorapatite, the Armour For Teeth. This penetrates & seals the tubules (pores) in exposed dentine that leads to pain when consuming hot and cold drinks.
This sealing and protection lasts 10 times longer than other leading brands of toothpaste with a similar, though inferior bioglass structures.
For you, that should mean less pain, and for longer!

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Build Armour For Teeth!

Teeth lose minerals over time as you consume acidic or sugary foods and this can cause numerous oral health care issues. BioMin toothpaste mimics and enhances the way saliva naturally replaces these lost minerals and the unique combination of calcium, phosphate and fluoride helps to form a natural resistant layer of protection, the Armour For Teeth!

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Brushing with care twice a day with BioMin is an excellent investment into your family's oral health care needs. The remineralising toothpaste process and increased guard against acid erosion both combine to help teeth protect themselves. This in turn should lead to better overall oral health care for the family and less costly dental visits!

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  BioMin® F - Fluoride Toothpaste  

We believe that BioMin remineralising toothpaste is the best all-round protection for the family. Parents and grandparents can be assured that BioMinF gives children an excellent start in life with maximum protection, so please see the Armour For Kids page for full details of our campaign to encourage children to brush correctly twice a day.

  BioMin® C - Fluoride Free Toothpaste  

Although, BioMinF toothpaste contains an optimum low level of fluoride (only 600 parts per million/ppm compared to other regular toothpastes which contain 1500) it is widely recognised that some people have concerns about consuming any levels of fluoride. BioMinC toothpaste is available to those wanting to replenish lost minerals in teeth and ease sensitivity issues, but without any fluoride. Click to find out more.