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BioMinF Toothpaste 75ml

BioMinF Toothpaste 75ml£7.50

Swirl Fluoride Mouthrinse 500ml

Swirl Fluoride Mouthrinse 500ml£5.99

BioMinC Toothpaste 75ml

BioMinC Toothpaste 75ml£7.50

Oral-B Interspacial Toothbrush

Oral-B Interspacial Toothbrush£2.80

BioMinF Toothpaste KIDS 37.5ml

BioMinF Toothpaste KIDS 37.5ml£4.99

Chirocream FCC Foot Care Cream 100ml

Chirocream FCC Foot Care Cream 100ml£6.95

Secure Denture Adhesive 40g

Secure Denture Adhesive 40g£7.24

Tepe Interdental Purple, Pack of 8

Tepe Interdental Purple, Pack of 8£3.94

Wisdom Woodsticks, Pack of 100

Wisdom Woodsticks, Pack of 100£1.80

CURAPROX CS 1560 Soft Toothbrush

CURAPROX CS 1560 Soft Toothbrush£3.95

Pure Gel Toe Props

Pure Gel Toe PropsFrom:  £9.90

Recent Blog Entries
Monday, 28 September 2020
The Wonders of Vitamin D

It’s that time of year when the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and articles on the importance of taking Vitamin D supplements seem to be everywhere. This year, Vitamin D has been getting more coverage than normal due to claims that being deficient of the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ may increase your risk from Covid-19. Whilst the stance of Public Health England (PHE) remains that there is insufficient evidence to support taking vitamin D supplements to prevent or treat Covid-19, there are some interesting observations from other parts of the World.