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Limit Children To Two 100 Calorie Snacks A Day

Public Health England (PHE) is helping parents take control of their children’s snacking by launching the first Change4Life campaign promoting healthier snacks. This is because half of children’s sugar intake, currently around 7 sugar cubes a day, comes from unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks, leading to obesity and dental decay.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017  |  Admin
Rotten Truth About What Prosecco Does To Your Teeth

As well as sleigh bells and the ubiquitous sound of Slade’s festive hit, one of the noises of Christmas 2017 will be the popping of prosecco corks. In just a few years, the light, fizzy Italian wine has trounced all rivals to become the nation’s favourite celebratory drink. Women in particular can’t get enough of its bubbly luxuriousness — just like champagne, only far cheaper and sweeter. 

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As a parent, it is imperative that you look after your children’s oral health. We suggest that you should start cleaning your child’s mouth even prior to the arrival of teeth. You can do this by wiping the gums after feeding with a warm, wet wash cloth or a thimble like brush (which fits over your index finger) to brush off the excess foods from the gums. This will get the child used to brushing prior to the arrival of teeth. Baby teeth begin the appear 3 to 9 months after birth and most children will have a full set by the age of three.

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It’s common knowledge everyone longs for a bright white smile. Our teeth are not naturally white, however many people feel that they could improve their smile with a brighter and whiter set of teeth. Whitening treatments are available in pharmacy’s and supermarkets however we recommend visiting a dental professional for the most effective and safe teeth whitening – you should never have whitening treatment provided by a non-qualified person such as in a beauty salon.

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Gum disease is an inflammatory response caused by a bacterial plaque (biofilm) in your mouth that has not been removed when brushing your teeth. There are three stages of gum disease: 1- Gingivitis, 2- Periodontitis & 3- Advanced Periodontitis. Bacterial plaque forms on your teeth promoting gum disease if not treated. The risk of gum disease may be reduced through establishing a good oral health regime: brush your teeth with a Fluoride containing toothpaste like BioMin™ F for two minutes twice per day.

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