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What people are saying about BioMin

Just some of the feedback from our happy customers...

"I registered some time ago and received the sample tube about a week or so ago. It is excellent and I would like to get some more. ps. I have not finished the last tube but want to make  sure I have another when it runs out!"
"I've been using BioMin for a week now and I really like it. I like the taste and as I have pretty sensitive teeth I am hoping this will soon be a thing of the past! I will definitely be telling my friends & family and especially people children because I believe the earlier they start using it the better it will be for them in the long run. Great product and I really hope I can get it easily before the sample tube runs out."
"Been using BioMin F for a couple of months now, the toothpaste leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean for much longer than any other brand I have used. Would highly recommend to friends and family!"
"After years of trying a variety of toothpastes for sensitive teeth, I have finally found a toothpaste that really works! I noticed the difference in less than a week and as a bonus, BioMin leaves my teeth feeling cleaner than ever."
"My teeth become shiny and white after brushing. The decision to use a spearmint flavour is a winner in itself, combined with it's creamy consistency it leaves one with a pleasant after taste and makes brushing my teeth a pleasant experience."
"Excellent product!! My pain and sensitivity went within a couple of days."