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Enjoy the upbeat way of life!

At upbeat, we believe life is for living and having a positive attitude can help overcome all of your everyday challenges...

We're passionate about helping you adopt a 'prevention is better than cure' approach to avoiding aches and pains as well as providing you with the most popular leading brands as and when you need them.

Upbeat are distributors of innovative new brands like BioMin Toothpaste, which builds up a natural layer of protection against acid attack to minimise caries and other common dental issues.

Industry Experts

We're industry experts too and supply thousands of health care professionals across the UK including dentists, chiropodists and foot health practitioners. You can therefore be confident your goods are coming from a reputable source and that our professional customer services team are on standby to answer your calls.


Health Care Help & Advice

We will do our best to give you help and advice, but please always consult your doctor, chiropodist or other health care professional for individual consultations. Our blog area and Health Care Help! is for reference only and should not be used in place of professional advice or medical diagnosis.