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Armour For Kids Teeth

Keep Your Little Rascals Protected Day and Night!

Protecting your children is a natural instinct for all superhero mums and dads, but there's only so much loving parents or grandparent can do! We're passionate that BioMinF is an excellent toothpaste for kids so as well as providing cycle helmets, knee pads and even Inter-Galactic Mega-Tron Force Fields (!), please protect your child from the everyday hazards of sweets, treats and juices!



An Important Investment!

BioMinF will give them the best start in life and help prevent caries and other oral hygiene conditions. BioMin F contains calcium and phosphate to aid the remineralisation process of teeth, and uniquely also contains low, optimum levels of fluoride to help create nature's own protective layer, called fluorapatite - the Armour For Teeth. Further information can also be found on our 'How BioMin Works'  page.

We know that children love sweets and sugary drinks and you probably enjoy giving them occasional treats too! BioMin F works on these acid attacks straight away which if unchecked over time, could form caries and other problems. The tiny particles of bio-glass bonding to their teeth slowly dissolves and releases the minerals and fluoride contained within the bio-glass and this helps to re-balance the acidic levels within the mouth to neutralise the attack.


Care For The Whole Family...


Children (and adults) should brush their teeth with BioMinF before breakfast and before going to bed to ensure they're fully protected, even while they sleep!

You can then relax in the knowledge that your family's smiles are safe and protected no matter what they get up to during the day. Your dentist will love you for it too!




  BioMin F - Fluoride Toothpaste  

We believe that BioMinF toothpaste is the best all-round protection for the family. Parents and grandparents can be assured that BioMinF gives children an excellent start in life with maximum protection. Also please see the 'How To Treat Sensitive Teeth' page for how BioMin™ F can also help with sensitivity.