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Sensitive Teeth Remedy

Did you know, 40% of the UK population suffer with sensitive teeth?

If you experience pain or discomfort when consuming hot, cold, sweet or acidic food and beverages, you're not alone.

The best sensitive teeth remedy is brushing twice a day with BioMinF toothpaste. The fine particles of the toothpaste slowly dissolve to form a tooth-like mineral, called fluorapatite - the Armour For Teeth. This layer of protection is 10 times more resistant to acid attack from eating and drinking sugary foods than regular toothpaste. BioMinF also penetrates & seals the exposed pores (tubules) in dentine that leads to pain when consuming hot and cold drinks.



Sensitive Teeth After Whitening

Sensitive teeth after whitening is a common problem due to the strong chemicals used and it can lead to enamel loss if not managed correctly. Professional whitening treatment involves applying hydrogen peroxide onto the surfaces of the teeth to break down the stains on the tooth surface and make the teeth whiter and brighter.
Brushing with BioMinF toothpaste can help protect the enamel and ease sensitive teeth after whitening by blocking exposed pores in the dentine and reduce the sensitivity pain. We strongly suggest you only use dental professionals to avoid sensitive teeth after whitening.

Why else does tooth sensitivity occur?

A tooth comprises of a hard enamel covering soft dentine with an internal nerve. The dentine contains a large number of pores or 'tubules' that run from the outside of the tooth to the central nerve.

Over time, the enamel covering becomes thinner, providing less protection to external stimulation. Also, the gums can recede with age or the tooth be chipped or fractured. The expose tubules act as a pathway to the nerves of your teeth, transmitting hot and cold sensations. Regular use of BioMinF may allow you to enjoy many of your best-loved meal or favourite drink once again!



Small Particles, Big Benefits

The majority of BioMin™ particles are small enough to enter the tubules of your exposed dentine (yellowish inner tooth) and may help to combat sensitivity effectively. BioMinF dissolves faster in an acidic environment as you eat and drink than under neutral conditions, giving you increased protection as you need it!

The images below show the tubules before and after using BioMinF and further protection after an acid attack.

Tubules in the enamel before using BioMinF

Fluorapatite formation after using BioMinF

Increased protection after an acid attack

Directions for use:
Brush before breakfast and before going to bed. BioMin toothpaste will then armour your teeth all day - even while you sleep.