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Mortons Neuroma is a swelling of the nerve. When the nerve becomes compressed you experience tenderness and the area may be hot and swollen. The nerve most affected is the one between the 3rd and 4th toes.

Symptoms may inlude; numbness, burning, tingling and shooting pains (these mainly affect you at night). The pain is usually less severe when the foot is not bearing any weight.

The main causes of Neuroma are:

  • The wearing of tight/narrow fitting shoes that put pressure on the nerve.
  • Flat feet can cause the nerve to be pulled toward the middle (medially) more than normal, which can cause irritation and possibly enlargement of the nerve.
  • High heeled shoes can damage the nerve
  • Pulling ligaments under the foot irritates the nerve.

Treatment & Prevention
Consult a registered chiropodist to diagnose the condition and they will advise what treatment will be appropriate. X-rays may be necessary to rule out the possibility of a stress fracture. They could advise your G.P to inject anti-inflammatory medicine, or in severe cases surgery may be necessary.

Avoid high heels and tight fitting shoes. The use of pads and orthotic insoles may help to relieve the pressure on the nerve. If the patient has flat feet, an arch support is incorporated. Other measures to relieve neuroma-type pain are thick-soled shoes and foot soaks.