Hammer Toes

Thursday, 21 September 2017  |  Admin


There are 4 main forms of toe abnormality, hammer toes, claw toes, mallet toes and trigger toes. Hammer toes is an abnormality that can best be described as an abnormal contraction or "buckling" of a toe. A partial or complete dislocation of the toe joint causes this, the toes then become bent and crooked, and the toe joints protrude. This condition can be hereditary or brought on by ill-fitting shoes, flat feet or bunions. Hammer toes can be painful when irritated and may cause cramps in the toe, foot and leg. They can be dangerous to someone with diabetes, as ulcers and infections could develop.

Treatment & Prevention
Moisturise your feet to keep the skin soft and supple. If wearing tights or socks, ensure that they provide adequate ventilation and dont constrict the toes.
Wearing wide fitting, low-heeled shoes and the use of foot pads/toe caps can relieve pressure and further irritation. Like any foot condition it is beneficial to consult a chiropodist or podiatrist so that they can diagnose, advise and treat the condition.