Bad Breath

Tuesday, 12 September 2017  |  Admin


Bad breath is caused by many factors and it is important to understand that there is no universal solution for it. There are many products on the market which help with one aspect or another so finding a solution to your condition will probably require a combination of relevant products, combined with a new oral hygiene regime.

Gum Disease

Many people suffer from gum disease without realising it. Even severe gum disease can go unnoticed. It is best to think of gum disease as incurable but in most cases it can be successfully managed. Bacteria in plaque causes infection of the gums, which in turn is the source of bad breath. Generally speaking, the more severe the condition, the stronger the smell. It is important to understand that treating the condition is far more important than masking the smell.

The following products are relevant to this condition.


    Trapped Stagnating Food

    This may result from poor fitting crowns, bridgework, broken and old fillings as well as food packing in deep pockets, and around partially erupted wisdom teeth and partial dentures.   
    People with this sort of problem often benefit from an irrigator, which may be used with a foaming mouthwash such as Colgate Peroxyl to oxygenate gums and loosen debris.

    Dry Mouth

    You may be experiencing a dry mouth condition for which there are many causes, in particular the long term use of drugs. The reduced saliva flow can cause debris retention with a higher risk of decay.
    Biotene is committed to offering Dry Mouth sufferers a full line of options. Their products work gently avoiding further irritation.

    Smoking, Garlic and Spicy Foods

    These causes of bad breath are more superficial and often self-inflicted! Nonetheless, it is best to adopt the regime above with the addition of a breath control rinse and tongue scraper.

    Throat Infection/Ulcers/Sinus problems

    All the above can cause bad breath. You may find thicker deposits forming on your tongue and you will probably be less enthusiastic about oral hygiene if you’re under the weather. Please persist with the regime and use a tongue scraper if you can. Gargling with an anti-bacterial mouthwash spray will most likely ease the symptoms and freshen the breath. Most of these conditions are temporary but if they persist you must visit a dentist or your doctor.

    All of the above recommendations are not intended as a substitute to visit a dentist.