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Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Gel 50ml

Oralieve  Moisturising Mouth Gel 50ml
Our Price:  £6.98(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  UOMMG50
Part Number:  UOMMG50

Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Gel 50mlSpecifically designed and tested with dry mouth sufferers to replicate same natural enzyme system as salivaWorks instantly to relieve the symptoms of mouth drynessVery long lasting – 2-5 hours during the day and up to 8 hours at nightNeutral taste – not sweetGood viscosity to enable lasting reliefAppropriate for the lips – instead of oil-based products i.e. petroleum jelly, yellow paraffinEffective nighttime reliefContains Xylitol to help protect teethIf you wear a denture, apply the gel to the top of the denture and gums and then apply the denture. This will keep the gel in position and keep the denture in too.BioMinF ToothpasteSaliva adds minerals to teeth to help keep them in a generally healthy condition. When suffering from dry mouth, these minerals are not added so brushing with BioMinF toothpaste containing the essential minerals of calcium and phosphate, will help to replenish them.Click to find out more about BioMinF toothpaste.

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