Icon ID Brush Pink Pk8, Pack of 8

Icon ID Brush Pink Pk8, Pack of 8
Icon ID Brush Pink Pk8, Pack of 8Icon ID Brush Pink Pk8, Pack of 8Icon ID Brush Pink Pk8, Pack of 8
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Icon Interdentals Pink (Size 0 - 0.4mm), Pack of 8

ICON interdental brushes are specially designed to clean thoroughly in the wider spaces between teeth and around braces and bridges. They are vital for the prevention of plaque build-up and will help in the promotion of healthy teeth and gums. Use your brush as part of your daily dental hygiene regime

ICON interdental brushes are manufactured using only the highest specification materials. High tensile strength, plastic coated, stainless steel wire at the core prevents the brushes from bending. For longer life the bristles are made from the same memory retentive nylon as used for toothbrushes. The brush is locked into the handle using a revolutionary production process making it virtually impossible for them to separate.

  • Size 00 - White (0.35mm)
  • Size 0  -  Pink (0.4mm)
  • Size 1  -  Orange (0.45mm)
  • Size 2  -  Red (0.5mm)
  • Size 3  -  Blue (0.6mm)
  • Size 4  -  Yellow (0.7mm)
  • Size 5  -  Green (0.8mm)
  • Size 6  -  Purple (1.1mm)
  • Size 7  -  Grey (1.3mm)

How to use

  • Brush Daily: For Healthier Teeth & Gums. Change brush weekly

  • Choose brush size appropriate to interdental space. Follow your dental professionals advice

  • Insert the brush between the teeth and gently move back and forth until the plaque is removed, never force the brush

  • After use wash the brush with water and protect with the antibacterial cap

  • Do not bend repeatedly or beyond a 45 degree angle

  • Store safely, out of reach of children

"I recommend ICON OPTIM Interdental brushes to my patients as they are stronger, cheaper and made in the UK"  

Laura Morris - DN EDH EDT


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