Tour of Britain

Monday, 6 September 2021

Tour of Britain

The Tour of Britain will be riding into our lives this September with some of the worlds best riders racing across the country from Penzance to Aberdeen.

Oral health might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cycling, but you may be surprised to know that 50% of athletes suffer from dental erosion and cavities. The Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine (FSEM) UK recognises that severe dental infections can induce systemic inflammation and negatively affect training and performance for many months. Cyclists are no exception. 

There are a number of reported causes of poor oral health in sport and the most predominant is the regular consumption of high energy drinks, bars and gels by athletes to power their performance. These high-energy hits contain huge amounts of sugar that feed acid-producing bacteria that rot teeth and cause gum disease. Naturally saliva helps to neutralize mouth acid and replenish teeth with lost minerals, but unfortunately for cyclists travelling at speed, the wind dries out the saliva preventing this process from occurring.

Tooth sensitivity and gum disease should not stop an athlete from achieving their goals, though sadly this can be the case.

Using BioMin® toothpaste can make a significant difference to an athlete to improve their oral health. BioMin® was specifically developed to protect teeth from acid, decay and sensitivity. BioMin® F works on a slow-release principle, bathing Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphate to the mouth for up to 12 hours after brushing. These minerals integrate into the tooth surface, remineralising to an enamel that is ten times more resistant to acid than our natural enamel.

For cyclists, using BioMin® will make teeth stronger and more resistant to high energy drinks, bars and gels. Also, BioMin® works more quickly in acidic environments so when they reach for that energy boost their mouth will rapidly neutralise, even with little salivary flow. You've got to love Science!

Use BioMin® and be confident of a healthy gleaming smile passing through the finishing line.