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Chilblains occur when the blood vessels in the skin become inflamed due to exposure to the cold. They can appear on the feet and toes causing the skin to become red, itchy and swollen. They normally subside within 7-8 days.

In severe cases the skin can become cracked, leaving the area sore. This is when blisters and ulcers can form. People who have poor circulation, suffer from allergic response to low temperatures, or have a poor diet, are often prone to chilblains.
Treatment & Prevention
To prevent chilblains, keep the feet warm by wearing woolen socks or slippers, and avoid overheating cold feet, ie. by using hot showers or direct heat like hot water bottles.

Medication is rarely needed but if the chilblains become open, a range of soothing foot lotions and creams can help, which are available from a registered chiropodist.
Chirocream Foot Warming Cream
This is for poor circulation, sore joints and tired muscles. Contains: ginger, lavendar and black pepper. Chirocream is 100% natural, non-greasy and extremely effective.