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BE YOU: Taster Pack With Brush 6X 10ml

BE YOU: Taster Pack With Brush 6X 10ml
 BE YOU: Taster Pack With Brush 6X 10mlBE YOU: Taster Pack With Brush 6X 10ml 
Our Price:  £14.95(Inc. 20% VAT)

Model:  UCBYTT0
Part Number:  UCBYTT0
Brand:  Curaprox


The beginner’s six pack: all six new bold toothpaste flavours in one package. Try them all one after another. Taste, feel and decide which suits you best. Your day. Your mood. What they have in common: natural ingredients and herbal essences combined in new ways for oral health and whiter teeth with menthol power pearls for long-lasting wow! freshness. The difference: actually just the taste and colour. Our bold little taste explosions all have different ways of winning you over.

[BE YOU.] delivers everything you would expect and so much more: protects against decay, provides lasting fresh breath, helps against sensitivity, does not provoke aphthae, naturally supports the saliva process, minimizes plaque and caresses your gums. Thanks to enzymes, hydroxyapatite and herbs.

The Formula:

  • Whitening effect with glucose oxidase
  • Caries protection with fluoride and xylitol
  • Remineralises and desensitise with hydroxyapatite
  • Power pearls: lots of menthol for extra long lasting freshness and a touch of silica for extra gentle cleaning
  • Echinacea, Devils Claw and Pennywort
  • Bitter orange (citrus bioflavinoid complex)
  • Provitamin B5 (panthenol)
  • Prestige sparkling Blue
  • No SLS
  • RDA 50 

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